House on the Wall, Karzerturm and Three-Gate Complex

This section of the unroofed battlements leads past the "House on the Wall", the newly renovated Karzerturm and through an archway to the city wall.

House on the Wall (Kurze Straße 35/2)

This house, regarded as the oldest school building in Waiblingen, housed the Latin school between 1580 and 1674. Up until 1755, the Latin school was housed in the residence of the second preceptor (teacher's assistant), Kurze Straße 51. The timber framed house exterior was exposed in 1975. 50 metres further on, where the covered walkway begins, once stood the German School (Mauerschule, demolished in 1957).

Fortified Tower/Karzerturm at the Wall Corridor

Below St. Nicholas Church stands a fortified tower with arrow slits as part of the medieval city fortifications. Its lower part was also temporarily used as a prison (detention centre), when during the plague of 1482/83 a part of the University of Tübingen was moved here under the lawyer and cleric Georg Hartsesser (ca. 1445 - 1518), who came from Waiblingen.

Three-Gate Complex

From the fortified tower it was possible to monitor both the water inlet to the mill canal and the three-port system of the chapel gate, kennel gate and bridge gate. The passage to the Bürgermühle and the Michaelskirche was one of three simple wall passages that existed next to the guarded city gates. Facing the Rems, only a single city wall was necessary, as the mill canal built in the 12th/13th century offered sufficient protection.